Top 6 Things That Flooded My Social Media Today

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Welcome to the first of many installments of “Top Things That Flooded My Social Media Today.”  Today, y’all were on one…

6. “Come to my DJ Night!”  If you and/or your friends are artists/musicians, this is an inevitable drawback of social media.  Some days it is worse than others, and today was one of those “worse” days.  “Come to my DJ night!  XYZ drink is on special, Joe Schmoe is bar tending and we’re gonna get TURNT UP!  WOOHOO!  Tell everyone you know, and you better show up or I’m going to give you shit about it and guilt trip you and reevaluate our friendship!”


5. “XYZ STUPID OVERHYPED FESTIVAL IS COMING*  Yawn.  Really over this bizness.  Whether it is, “Is it Movement or is it DEMF?” or it’s “Coachella is a cesspool of ignorant assholes,” or “I’ve not heard of 1/4 of the acts on the lineup, but I’m going because it’s the cool thing to do.”  Really over hearing all of the festival hype all day, err’y day.
4.  Obama sent a letter about Frankie Knuckles “Not everyone understands…..House Music….” and I get that, but a lot of my friends do, and so I saw this FREQUENTLY on my social media pages today, and I am happy about it.  While it is true that the President himself did not hand-sign this letter, it is nice to know that he at least took time out of his busy day to authorize such a letter being sent by his staff and that he appreciated the benefit of Frankie and his music to not only the President’s city of Chicago, but the entire world.  This warmed my heart.
3. “Top 10 reasons you can’t stop clicking on these fucking quizzes” These damn things are the MF crack of my day.  Unless it is just completely stupid and absurd like, “which shade of beige would you be?” I almost ALWAYS fall victim to these wretched quizzes.  I probably took four of them today.  If I were a color, I’d be green, if I were an animal I’d be a unicorn, if I were a time period I’d be the 60′s, if I were a Tarantino character I’d be Jackie Brown, and if I were a drink I’d be a glass of vodka.

2. Powdered Alcohol a.k.a. Palcohol.Monday all the buzz was about this powdered version of alcohol called “Palcohol.”  Everyone was flipping their shit all day long about it and getting all excited and acting like it was the cure for Cancer.  Before the end of the day, and all day today, it was like, “Oops…that wasn’t REALLY approved like we thought, or it was, and we redact the approval…psyche!”

1. Brian Williams Gin & Juice rap video by Jimmy Fallon.  I have to admit…hearing spliced clips of Brian Williams saying “They got bitches in the livin’ room gettin’ it on, and they ain’t leavin til 6 in the mornin’ so what you wanna do?  I got a pocket fulla rubbers and my homeboys do too” cracked me up. These are the most repeated things I saw on my social media today.  What about you?



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