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Oh, hi!  Welcome to!  I’m one of several contributors to the site and I feel I should do the polite thing and warn you about what subjecting yourself to my posts entails.

I’m a borderline crazy, easily-outraged political nerd/musician and activist who is hell-bent-determined to save the world.  I’m all over the damn place, but it’s usually entertaining, even if in an unfortunate and sad way.

Being a very (too) passionate person means getting easily worked up about things.  I feel that it is my duty and obligation to inform the public about both the bullshit that’s going on, as well as the awesomeness that’s happening, in case they were previously unaware.  Sometimes it may be ridiculousness going on in the news, sometimes it’s some amazing thing in science, sometimes it is some huge Hollywood/political scandal…  who knows; whatever…it’s stuff worth knowing!


Some stuff you can expect to read about from me should you have interest are:

  • Mostly amusing, sometimes-serious blog posts about politics, race relations/civil rights issues,
  • Music reviews, Music op-eds, links to good music, links to incredibly horrible music;
  • The occasional “best of” list;
  • A lot of random bursts of profanity;
  • Random links to things I personally feel that everyone needs in their life for whatever reason;
  • Rants about various pop culture fads and phenomena;
  • Occasional videos of me doing who knows what, but it probably will be NSFW;
  • Interviews with musicians with ridiculous questions, movie reviews, drunken advice-giving sessions;
  • Some occasional photos of a llama I saw on someone’s Facebook page;
  • Basic Bitch shaming
  • Frequent updates to my “Florida is Fucked Up and Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Be Part of the U.S.” column;
  • Neat art; graffiti;
  • Graffiti artist Peeta

  • Me complaining about stuff I think is stupid/disagree with on other people’s websites/Facebook page, etc.;
  • Road trip reviews;
  • Pictures of inappropriate/bizarre things I see out in public; and,
  • Photo I took at Laumiere Sculpture Park in St. Louis, MO

  • Anything that might brighten days or bring laughs or make someone think.

Now that we’re best friends, I hope you’ll come back and visit; engage in some dialogue/debate, what have you.


*Graffiti art by Peeta

References:  Basic Bitch – Thought Catalog – Brett Lalli




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